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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Rekindle & Revive Your Stagnant Relationship?

Seriously, scientists have discovered that summer is the best month of the year to rekindle & revive your stagnant relationship. Let us guide you how:

It is the perfect pool time: Thanks to the skimpy swimsuits, suntans and cozy evenings – relaxing around the pool is a sexy summer favorite for many couples.

More day light means more time together: Sun is out so are you. While cooler climate guides to snuggles & Netflix binges, the darkness usually makes people sleepy & grouchy. However as the day light improves, so does our mood and energy.

Fresh air & fresh banter:  There is a reason people usually have heart-felt banters on walks or hikes along the beach – there is just something special about being out in the open air that helps people open up completely.

There is time for evening walks: This is the season to take an evening walk together around the neighborhood. It is not just great for your health but it is also useful for your relationship, letting you to banter outside the pressure of home.


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